Wednesday , March 3 2021

French team. End of state of grace – Team France

The defeat of Blues against the Netherlands in the League of Nations, Friday in Rotterdam (0-2), crystallized the boundaries of the team, which can not rely largely on what he proposed during the World Championship. Especially if the frames are missing.

Small details always mean big differences. They were beaten in Rotterdam (2: 0) on Friday when they were Dutch at the height of their football, Blues brought a bad caricature about what they had been doing since the summer. Counterproductivity, which first depicts the fragility of minimalist and pragmatic philosophy, whose limitations have jumped into the eye this time, as well as difficulties in reflection on the future, when several leading globalists (including Hernandez and Pogbo) are missing a call.

It's nice when it wins

However, there was no dramatic drop in temperature between the sky in June and the first autumn cloud. Only the wind has changed slightly, with this little additional soul and a certain dose of success. Failure at the Feyenoord stadium in any case confirmed that this team of France was only beautiful when it wins, and it is increasingly difficult to forgive the training that makes and produces so little.

So obviously the disaster is still defending and the future will show whether the lesson was held back. However, as Steven Nzonzi put Paul Pogba as the indispensable player at the center of the game, Didier Deschamps was involved in an increasingly cautious strategy whose lack of offensive situations has become the main symptom. In the absence of creative media and the ability to play ahead, the Blues forced the line of identity that Orange played through high compression, high technical control and enormous intensity.

"The contrast was surprising," he admitted yesterday even a French coach who challenged the lack of a team without reaction. "When we did the compression, it was not in the group, there was not what it took to return, we played too low, and Olivier Giroud also estimated it. When it was restored, the first ball was not sharp and it was difficult to start again counterattack.

Controversial philosophy

Nevertheless, regardless of their future in the League of Nations – Blues will be abolished if the Netherlands returns at least one draw of Germany on Monday – the philosophy they will have from the World Cup will be increasingly challenged against opponents that will finish in the short or medium term . After the generation gap that took away his participation in the Euro 2016 and the World Cup in 2018, Dutch football began a recovery process with strong and established guidelines. At the end of the second world title in his history, his French colleague continues to rely on muscle culture despite the huge technical potential. So it always goes on, sometimes wins, but it does not always give the impression of knowing exactly where it is going.

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