Football – League 1 – PSG – PSG Conflict – Adrien Rabiot, Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu: "We Can not Interfere"


The Minister of Sport believes that this matter should be resolved between PSG and Adrien Rabiot. F.Faugère / Team

Ligue 1 – PSG

Asked about Europe 1 about the conflict between the PSG and Adrien Rabiot, Minister of Sport Roxana Maracineanu said she could not intervene.

Véronique Rabiot asked the Minister of Sports in our columns and expressed his surprise at the inaction of Roxana Maracineanu and the Minister of Justice in the conflict between Adrien Rabiot and PSG. On Saturday, the former swimmer replied in the "Face aux auditeurs" program on the mummy of the Paris conjunction: t " Not because he is the Minister of Sport, we can interfere with professional sport or in certain cases. These are things that need to be solved between the club and this person, this family, and more broadly with a professional football league. […] We can not mediate. "

Adrien Rabiot, who did not want to renew the contract in June, made his last match with PSG on December 11 (against Zvezda). Since then, he was fired as a precautionary measure until March 27, after club night on the night of the Champions League elimination against Manchester United (1-3) and "like" a. a video by Patrice Évre, while the previous page of the MU, two days before, proved to be a joy to the tribunes of the Parc des Princes.


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