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Drinking water management deserves the resentment of Senegalese people (Amadou Mbaye Fall)


On 23 October 2018, the Ministry of Hydraulics and Sanitation in Senegal issued a communication announcing the temporary award of a lease contract for the management of drinking water in urban and periurban areas in the SUEZ Group.

Despite some reactions and expressed concerns, Senegalese people are offering the national market to trust such a strategic sector French multinational business, which is motivated only by profit and profit.

At the moment when all major cities and drinking water officials have launched the management of private businesses for the reasons of the economic and public service that care for the consumer, Senegal, our country is writing history again in the opposite direction.

You can live without oil, without a phone and without mineral resources, but you can not live without water. In the despair of the Senegalese people, we see that we used funds for the Khan's interests. But water is an important source and today and tomorrow it belongs to all the Senegalese.

In a country like Senegal, how can our public drinking water service be trusted by a more expensive company than outgoing? We are experiencing delays in terms of investments that could fill up to 50 billion that SUEZ will gain in value added as SDE.

  • SDE disappointed the Senegalese

Among the arguments put forward by the authorities, it is repeated that the SDE has failed and failed to meet the expectations of consumers. However, we must not forget that its competitors, Veolia and SUEZ, are 165 or 138 years old. These two companies have known in their lives and are still aware of the great technological failures and problems that caused health disasters. Therefore, for a younger society like SDE, it is normal for them to have problems between two decades of existence. It is not a question of being lightweight with SDE, but history must be followed with transparency.

The main problems we know in recent years are mainly due to the delay in SONES investments. SDE is an operator and not an infrastructure owner. SDE can not be blamed for delays and errors in SONES planning.

  • SUEZ, a company in decline

For some years now, SUEZ has known the loss of France's biggest contracts. She lost her contracts from Lille, Bordeaux, Valentina …

This company is in the process of restructuring to accuse the impact of these significant losses.

In recent years, SUEZ has not received any major contracts for the benefit of the outgoing company. I challenge them to give only 1!

How does Senegal trust them in a situation that is more expensive than SDE?

  • Profit at the heart of the strategy

At a time when we must fight for our freedom and the independence of the Senegalese people, how can such an important sector be trusted in a multinational society driven exclusively by profit?

If the SDE partially belongs to the ERANOVE program, its management is in the hands of our compatriots dealing with Senegalese goods. SUEZ is a company run by French people with the same goal: profitability. Like in Morocco or elsewhere, it's a defense team that will run Senegal.

Once the profitability is gone, SUEZ will withdraw from its obligations, as they did in Morocco or India. What will become water management in Senegal?

Lose the dear Senegal! Freedom is better than the interests of the people under the auspices that will protect them from the detriment of their decision.


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