Saturday , July 24 2021

Cheikh Bamba Dièye remembers Bambo The fall of the "guilt" that she suffered …

"I hope that Bamba Fall, when making a decision, will remember the fight he was leading and the sacrifices he spent with the Medinans under the regime of Macky Sall just because of his support of Khalifa. This is a black task in the balance sheet of the outgoing president the former theorist of sober and virtuous management has become a promoter of transhumance and contradictions, "said Cheikh Bamba Dièye, the play" Face Dakaractu, "which is live on your favorite page.

On the other hand, the member talked about the CFA debate. It believes that this currency provides certain stability. However, it understands that it is necessary to check the CFA affiliation to the euro because it does not understand that UEMOA countries do not benefit from an average growth rate of 5% outside the analytical prism. European crisis. "We need to change our name, take CFA from France's bosom," he says. "The privileged position of France penalizes our countries. If we are independent and truly independent, I do not see why we should not turn our back on French products for Chinese products or those from other countries. We need to expand our economic zone to Nigeria, Ghana and even to the rest of Africa continent, "he called.

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