Blabard Barbara Streisand: "Michael Jackson's sexual needs were what they were."


BOURDE – While the documentary "Leaving Neverland" makes a lot of noise, singer Barbra Streisand returned to pedophile accusations against Michael Jackson. But his statements are very bad …

His comments have caused restlessness. While documentary film "Leaving Neverland" accuses pedophilia of Michael Jackson, singer Barbra Streisand decided to defend the singer. In a documentary film that was broadcast on Thursday, March 21 at the M6, director Dan Reed gave the floor to Wade Robson and James Safechuck, two fans of Michael Jackson who claim that they misused the star as children.

If Barbra Streisand is convinced that a man is telling the truth, she tries to embarrass the actions of Michael Jackson. "He was very sweet, very childish." Her sexual needs were the same as they were, they had to come out of her childhood or from her DNA, "she explained in an interview. Times.

They both married in the end and had children, they did not kill them.

"I feel bad for children, I feel bad for him. I charge in particular the parents who accepted their children to sleep. Why did Michael need those little boys dressed in him, with his shoes, hats and dancing?" He asks, while reducing the accusations of Wade Robson and James Safechuck. "We could say they were" attacked ", but these children themselves said they were glad they were there. (…) Both of them eventually married and had children, they did not kill them.

The lost words that made Dan Reed jump, who called the singer on Twitter.

"His sexual needs were, what were they?", Would they tolerate pedophilia in some showbusiness circles? "Said Leaving Neverland Director, who does not question the guilt of Michael Jackson." I have carefully examined the accusations against Michael in 1993 and 2005. I read witness statements, I spoke to many investigators, and I did not find anything that would raise doubts about Wade's story. and James, "explained the director in CBS This Morning.


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