Saturday , July 24 2021

Bilal Hassani admits he is impressed by one of his rivals in Eurovision 2019


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Bilal Hassani, who will represent France at Eurovision 2019, admitted in a Russian television show that he was impressed by one of his competitors in this competition and commented on his attitude toward the movement of yellow jackets in France.

Bilal Hassani, the voice of France at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, would be a fan of Sergei Lazarev, his future Russian competitor, who already won the third place in Eurovision 2016. He entrusted him with this. duplex, organized by Rossiya 1 television channel on Friday.

The young French singer said that he was finally happy to meet Sergey Lazarev, who enjoyed Eurovision 2016. dog.

The participants of the television show invited Bilal Hassani to visit Russia.

Asked about how he feels to present France at an international competition when the yellow jacket movement spawned almost three months, the French singer of Moroccan origin said he did not think. pressures and political context, because the Eurovision competition was not a political event, but a meeting of countries that sang together.

On January 26, Bilal Hassani won the Grand Final of the Destination Eurovision final for France 2. He will play Roi on Eurovision 2019, which he made with a pair of Madame Monsieur, 13th place on Eurovision 2018. The song contains a message on self-control and emancipation.

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