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Bezos affair confirms detrimental political climate • * Mali

Why is the National Leader, a tabloid owned by Trump's friend, highlighted Jeff Bezos's extraordinary case? The wealthy chief of Amazon and Washington Post published hypotheses and insinuations on Thursday, pointing to a detrimental political climate in which conspiracy charges are repeated.

Tabloid for 65 years, National Enquirer is a specialty of scandals involving, if possible, well-known personalities, and rewards its resources for obtaining information and compromising photos.

But with the attack on Jeff Bezos, the executive director of Amazon, the weekly and its owner, the American Media Inc. (AMI) group may have had political motives that went beyond capture efforts, and they hinted at the richest man in the world that was released on Thursday.

In his words, the press group threatened to publish intimate photos if it did not give up investigation of the source of leakage, which allowed the National Commissioner to get acquainted with intimate messages proving that the founder of Amazon had an extra legal relationship .

Gavin de Becker, an advocate for the protection of celebrities, hired by Jeff Bezos to investigate leakage, spoke of "serious political motives".

The specialist was particularly interested in Michael Sanchez, Trump's supporter and brother Lauren Sanchez, the lover of Jeff Bezos. She announced in early January that she had begun the divorce proceedings.

– Saudi route –

Another tip, David Pecker, CEO of AMI, is a longtime friend of Donald Trump.

In particular, it was found that the journalist boss bought only a few unpleasant information for his friend in order to never publish them in order to protect him.

David Pecker recently agreed to cooperate with the US Justice Department to investigate the possible use of the Trump Campaign to curb the scandals, but it is unclear to what extent this cooperation has been removed from the president.

The Washington Post chief pointed to another political diplomatic path, Saudi Arabia.

Jeff Bezos indicated on Thursday that there is a link between journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a colleague of the Washington Post, who was murdered by commander Ryad, and the disclosure of the National Enquirer.

According to the New York Times, AMI has business relations with Saudi Arabia, in particular to raise funds for getting the media.

However, no evidence was provided to support one or other of these assumptions.

At this stage, there is no evidence that Donald Trump was involved in this issue at any level, or even that the disclosures of the national Commissioner were politically motivated.

AMI assured him that he was acting "in accordance with the law" and announced the commencement of an internal inquiry in order to highlight the allegations of Jeff Bezos.

Jealousy? –

In this context, caution is essential, as the polarization of American political life feeds on all kinds of rumors and assumptions, the Russian investigation of the Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, who Donald Trump qualified for "hunting witches", accusations by conservatives of the conspiracy of the existence of a "deep state" of the network officials trying to destabilize Donald Trump.

One thing is certain: Donald Trump does not like Jeff Bezos and regularly attacks the owner of The Washington Post on Twitter.

"Donald Trump has been obsessed with Bezos for many years," said Jerry George, national spokesman for "professional jealousy". It would not be a surprise for him to turn to his good friend David Pecker (…) to attack him.


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