Friday , February 28 2020
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Beyoncé drops bomb to African source Jay Z: inx


While Disney's latest classic, The Lion King reaches scales all over the world, social media is attracting. In one of the songs of the film, Beyoncé, which composed most of the songs of this last, slid a small bomb in the text about the African source, and in particular Rwanda his companion Jay-Z.

A small sentence that started everything in the song is My childhood father, the bloodline of Rwanda"Together with social networks, in Rwanda, then with Africa, then with the world, we compete in fun parodies that allow people from Rwanda to discover a relationship with an American star.

However, the verse is not very pronounced in this area, it must be recognized.

I'm so indifferent, so it's impossible for me
You are so pressed, while I'm Grape's daughter
Sounds like empires, you all force me
Stay in your fight, crystal blue waters
Pina Colada-in, Ramada Inn
My childhood father, the bloodline of Rwanda
Why would you try me? Why bother?

Before this pseudo revelation, net surfers rivaled good ideas

And so to consolidate, Beyoncé's last clip, even if there are some controversy, as some media find that this clip inspired South African artist Petite Noir, but it's another story.

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