Between Waly Seck and wrestlers who are really shocking? (Serigne Babacar Dieng)


If there is a disputed artist in the State of Terang, Faramareen, who had a remarkable success, Waly Seck, even competed with Youssou Ndouro, King Mbalah. The son of Thione Ballago Seck, invited by the diver Dof Ndeye, wears transparent underwear, received footage collected from some Senegalese, but Balla Gaye 2, Modou Lo, Eumeu Sene and others displayed bare torso in the arena in front of thousands of viewers , obviously this does not seem to shock the company.

From the spectacular rise of Waly Seck, his detainees still adhere to their forms of dress, as many crimes, while wrestlers appear on a huge hull, as if the company supported its "clothes" in the arena rather than the one, Faramareen at a concert that looks like ruthlessness , which does not express his name.

And if we dressed men who are a faith that burns a man to hide their pope under their knees, the fighters will return to the arena only with their Ngemba, who reveals their oysters, biceps and mountain muscles that can overweight the sensitivity of some women?

So why, when Waly Seck performed on stage with his dress at the concert, they all criticized their work and rapper Nitdoff in all that, the one who perfectly imitates the American rapper of the Fifty Century in the headless as a gangster, this is a special case, at the end is not fair. Some comments on social networks should be read in order to find out that Waly Seck is the victim of his success, which disturbs many people.

During a singer wearing underwear at a concert and a wrestler who practically does not have a suit in the arena, which really shock?

Nevertheless, Waly Seck had difficulty wearing a woman's bag, but for this story of underwear it is not necessary to scratch the cat …

After all, the son of Thione Ballago Seck will be subjected to all kinds of attacks in his successful career, that this is the inevitability of Showbiz in Senegal, but as we say in the Wolof "Siw dou diami Borom" …

Serigne Babacar Dieng


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