Thursday , August 5 2021

At Lufthansa from Miami, there is a registration of the face

At Lufthansa from Miami, there is a registration of the face

Thank you biometric technologies which was developed by SITA for registration, passengers coming fromYiam International Airport(MIA) and to Munich (Germany) on the flight Lufthansa LH461, you can now send with a simple click on the camera.

This embarkation technology is available from 1 February instead of an entry coupon or passport, in accordance with the security standards for customs and border protection (US Customs and Border Protection, CBP).

A simple photo taken at the door of a German company can confirm the identity of passengers and issue a travel permit. According to CBP, the facial recognition check process takes less than 2 seconds, with a matching rate of 99%. This year, Miami International Airport plans to open biometric vessels to other airlines.

SITA is the leading provider of IT solutions for the aviation industry. Today SITA supports the largest number of airlines and airports in the world. The company also offers technological solutions for border management to more than 40 governments. SITA is a cooperative, which is 100% owned by players in the aviation industry.

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