Wednesday , March 3 2021

Artists Tambours Croisés in Martinique subdue patrimonial exchanges

The sixth edition of drums was intense enthusiasm. Since the opening in Sainte-Marie to the house of the bèlèe, various programs in municipalities, public membership is strong this year. Moments of sharing and happiness are very strong. Artists from different countries recognize him.

Artists impressions

artistic impressions of the "Drums that passed in 2018" on Martinique

Thierry Nossin started the concept of "crossed drums". It shows the vibrancy of cultures, the wealth of sounds that are tutants in Guyana, Guadeloupe, Reunion, Venezuela, Congo, Dominica, India, Senegal and Martinique, countries represented at this event.

These meetings promote the discovery of another, contribute to the exchange and dissemination of cultures, the strengthening of life and the protection of traditional heritage.

Thierry Nossin

Thierry Nossin Launches "Cross Drums"

This fusion of the masters of Bela, Brothers Rastocle and artists Nenetto, Jean Aimé Kifoula, Bapi Das from India, Chétif M & # 39; Baw, have been visible since the first day, during the ceremony opening the Sainte-Marie.
We will remember the adaptations of "Rosita" by Gordon Henderson with drummers.

Cross drums 2018

The artists of the cruise drums will be in Guadeloupe on Monday, 19 November 2018. As in Guyana and Martinique, they will offer concerts as well as educational workshops for schoolchildren about learning drums and instrument history.

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