Aprilia RSV4 X: 225 hp, 165 kg, 10 copies and 39 900 €


You recognized him? The pilot poses beside this beautiful and lively Noale rocket? Max Biaggi of course! selected ambassador to accompany Aprilia RSV4 X 2019. X as ten in Roman numbers to celebrate 10 years of arrival of RSV4 on the market. So, who's better than the Roman champion to obstruct the moment …

Aprilia organized a small party on the Mugello circuit on weekends on March 22 and 23. The Italian manufacturer has brought together a number of drivers who have overshadowed brand colors such as Loris Capirossi or Manuel Poggiali, Max Biaggi or current MotoGP carriers Andrea Ianonne and Aleix Espargaro. In short, beautiful people, although Valentino Rossi, who debuted at Aprilia RS 125 and 250, missed the call … without saying that his contracts prohibited such a lock. We must not forget our state-owned Rémiy Darodes, a station examiner present on the spot for the international testing of the new RSV4 1100 Factory 2019.

And before we discover the visibility of the new V4 at the station, here we show you here a little surprise, which was discovered by the people of Noale. New Aprilia RSV4 X, a presentation of Piaggi's technology and sports brand. On his side King Max Biaggi was part of a narrower selection of GP and WSBK drivers (with John Kocinsky, another pilot with … a special sign).

RSV4 X 2019

Aprilia RSV4 X: With a new gearbox, neutral under 1 .. Extended solution tomorrow?

The new RSV4 X is a limited edition in 10 copies. 10 small units sold € 39,900 and will turn to rich enthusiasts. X shows 10 years of RSV4 birth. It uses all the latest technologies used by the group, for the road, or even competition in the image of fins on the liner or carbon buckets to cool the clamps and brake pads.

The use of precious materials and the best parts for the bicycle part and the absence of homologated elements for the road made it possible to lower the dry weight to 165 kg! It's a really enjoyable venture in this field, especially with this engine that achieves weight (2-cylinder head …), but it also allows the front width limit that is facing the classic 4-cylinder line.

On the Aprilia side of the Aprilia engine, the RSV4 X engines are manually assembled. They have selected parts and selected content. Metrology must be de rigueur, while the camshafts or the exact distribution schedule need some rules that apply to the engines used in the WSBK. Result: 225 horses!

Here, 225 hp and 165 kg dry, enough to lock! (for those who know this)


Ohlinsky suspension with the best account (including order book …), new Brembo GP4 MS radial gauge, 19X16 radial master cylinder, etc. And also a new technology, called ANN (Aprilia No Neutral), which redefines the function of the transmission system. Here is a neutral point below the first and not between the first and the second. This prevents mistakes in operation while shifting downwards when we descend from the second to the first (and therefore is a fake dead point). The transition from one to the other is faster and more fluid. In a race or a round, this seems to be a small advantage (for example, at the start) and when we know that to win the race, we have to optimize everything … In any case, this ANN solution is an innovation in the world of a bike. Know never, other models could benefit from tomorrow.

The new RSV4 X includes Factory Factory Aprilia, which allows you to order super-mega SRV4 sports and a la carte. Against the danger of repetition: 10 copies of the world for only 39,900 €. It may seem astronomical, but this high-performance luxury facility, made in small quantities, often finds customers very quickly.


Aprilia RSV4 X: Remember

  • A limited edition of 10 copies of the world
  • 39 900 €
  • Unique color
  • Reserved for the circuit
  • Aprilia's factory program
  • 225 ch
  • 165 kg dry
  • Assembly manually
  • Manual engine assembled, sorted components, engine tuned and balanced as the WSBK base
  • Special cartography
  • Ohlins, Brembo, Akrapovich, etc.
  • Aprilia No neutral technology is published


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