Aliou Cisse: "Mbaye Niang has to be a shooter in Rennes, but also in the national team"


Aliou Cissé expects more Mbaye Niang. He wants to be in the club as if he chooses. "Mbaye is a guy who has quality, says the national coach in an interview with Stads. He still has to work. I had to tell him in the eyes. He has a lot of potential."

Aliou Cissé advances: "He is an exceptional footballer, he has to be in a team like Rennes (12, 16 points), he needs to help his club from this red zone, he must be the Rennes shooter, and those from the Senegal team. must be aware of his properties and stop wasting time. "

Mbaye Niang is one of the most successful Senegalese players in the national team this year. In addition, one of the five nominees for the Senegalese gold ball awarded by the sports press.


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