Saturday , September 18 2021

A cruel summer, the fifth season of Riverdale, Nine complete strangers … top 10 series to watch in August 2021

Gone forever

Po Innocent (Innocent in French), In the forest in Bullying, Netflix is ​​adapting a new novel by Harlan Coben. WHO? Gone forever. A story? As Guillaume moved away from his loved ones after the murders of his first love, Sonie and his brother Fred, he saw Judith, his new companion, disappear overnight. He will then try his best to find her, but his research will lead him to discover dark secrets about his past that his family and friends have been hiding from him for years.

The cast of the French series consists of Finnegan Oldfield (The promise of dawn,, Marvin or a nice education), Nicolas Duvauchelle (Mermaid in Paris,, It separates us all), Guillaume Gouix (Ghosts,, war of the worlds – series), Garance MarillierGrave,, Mrs. Claude) and Nailia Harzoune (Patients,, Made in France).

Release date: August 13 on Netflix

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