350,000 subscribers dropped for free last year


Delta Freebox, which was launched in December last year, does not yet affect the results of the company. 2018 is distinguished by general decline : number of subscribers, measure, traffic and net result. Even if all the indicators are red, Iliada continues to send positive signals. His efforts will soon bring forth fruit. The company will define its main orientations in April.

2018: We forget the year for free

Free hoped for a small recovery in the fourth quarter of 2018. The figures were wrong and the ISP again lost its customers. In total, Free has 19.8 million subscribers, 400,000 fewer people in one year.

This reduction means reducing sales. It decreased by 1.9% EUR 4.768 billion in France. In this context, the net result is decreasing. It seems that 330 million euros, falling 18.5%.

The action continues with a sudden drop. Its value is decreased by 50% The stock fell by 5% after publication.

The Iliad remains confident, and his efforts will ultimately be paid off

Used to reduce costs, Free is now facing the limits of its model. The company began to change its practice by encouraging subscribers to turn around premium package. The manager hopes Delta Freebox will confirm the importance of this choice.

In addition to building high-added value infrastructure and subscriptions, the company could sell its assets, part of its mobile antenna. He plans a tie without further details partnership with an investment fund.

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