120 € up to 180 € discount on internet boxes Sosh and RED


There are those who want a lasting relationship and a commitment to phobia. We bet that the offers of RED by SFR and Sosh will calm down with free internet fields for fibers, whose cessation does not entail additional costs. Without the commitment of this subscription, they also provide access to extensive navigation and telephony programs. Both Internet fields are compatible with fiber optics or ADSL, but depending on the connection to which they are eligible, they may result in more or less expensive rules. More specifically, which Internet corner without commitment is the most favorable among the RED for SFR and Sosh?

Internet box RED by SFR for sale with two free integrated options

RED for SFR does not take discounts into accounts; promotions appear otherwise in the non-binding subsidiary SFR. It is proposed in the usual time against 5 euros, the options being accessible Unlimited calls to mobile phones and increased fiber optic navigation are automatically included in the RED field.. The program of this Internet field is even better.

To subscribe to this promotional formula, spend 15 € for an ADSL version or 22 € per month when you are eligible for fiber optics. Never will this level, as well as the integrated options or program of the Internet box, develop during client adhesion. In addition, the latter can, if necessary, cancel the subscription at no extra cost. What does the RED with SFR include in a promotional Internet cabinet?

Cheap and non-binding Internet cabinets RED with SFR.

  • Maximum navigation speed :
    • less than 20 Mb / s transfer and 1 Mb / s download for the only ADSL connection;
    • for 1 Gb / s for data reception and 200 Mb / s for transmission thanks to an optional fiber optic option.
  • telephony :
    • unlimited calls to fixed and mobile phones in France and overseas departments due to an integrated option ;
    • unlimited calls to fixed phones from more than a hundred international destinations.
  • fun :
    • optional only with 35 channels to 2 € per month, or 4 € per month for 100 channels ;
    • It will also be necessary to pay the cost of using the Decoder TV, in case of adding a TV option after opening a fixed RED line.

Also, do not forget that the RED with SFR does not include all the options that it has in this field. Many of them can also be enrolled for financial savings. These features will help improves the technical aspect of the RED field and the fun that can be derived from it.

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Sosh offers up to 180 € discount on the optional La Boîte Sosh Internet cabin

Like the RED for SFR, Sosh offers a formula double game without entertainment immediately. Nevertheless, given the level suggested by the Orange branch operator, the La Boîte Sosh can attract a lot of customers. In the promotional year for all who subscribe before April 3rd, the Sosh internet box will cost only $ 14.99. This price applies to people who are eligible for fiber optics and ADSL.

Promotion on a cheap Internet cabinet Sosh.

It is well known: all good things end. also, after twelve months of good and loyal services, the Internet box will continue with the initial fee. Depending on the link to which it is eligible, the amount to be filed changes during this time. For example, access to ADSL will require 19.99 EUR per month. At other times, optical fibers must be charged EUR 29.99 per month. However, do not forget that under the non-binding ownership of the Sosh internet cabin do not have to pay extra fees after the termination of the subscription. What does Sosh offer with this promotion on his internet site?

  • Navigation speeds :
    • up to 15 Mb / s in downstream traffic and 1 Mb / s of heat energy;
    • v optical fibers, symmetric transfer rates up to 300 Mbps and load.
  • telephony :
    • unlimited calls to fixed phones from more than 100 international destinations, including France and its DOMs;
    • optional, for € 5 per month, unlimited calls to French mobile phones.
  • fun :
    • access to the Orange TV application watch 70 channels on smartphones, computers, or tablets ;
    • optional only against € 5 per month: a decoder with 160 TV channels.

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