Why is the diagnosis of these diseases in women delayed?


There are three diseases that doctors neglect in diagnosing in women, including one problem associated with the uterus and classified under gynecology, while the other two problems fall into the second ranking. The lack of female doctors is one of the factors behind the delay in diagnosis and the second is due to the small number of women who use them for medical trials and research.
The three diseases that doctors delay in diagnosing in women are: growth of the external tissue of the endometrium, coronary heart disease and hyperactivity disorder.
Medical reports suggest that two thirds of women with symptoms of endometrial growth outside feel these symptoms in adolescence, but the diagnosis is delayed for about 10 to 12 years due to the similarity of symptoms with other problems, and these symptoms increase the bleeding and pain of the menstrual cycle.
Heart disease reports that women are late for medical examination when symptoms such as neck pain, chest pain and fatigue develop. Doctors also make a mistake in diagnosing the early symptoms of heart disease in women because they differ from symptoms common to men!
While health reports are responsible for delaying the diagnosis of ADHD in girls, because both the family and the doctor neglect the symptoms of the girl and the ease of monitoring symptoms in boys.
The delay in diagnosing hyperactivity is not confined to girls, it is difficult to diagnose the condition in adults, and according to US medical reports, only 20 percent of adult hyperactivity is medically diagnosed due to ignoring symptoms.


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