Watch out for them Asala and Fifi Abdo … The Arab world's stars support Shirin – 24-03-2019 – Watch: Among them are Asala and Fifi Abdo … The stars of the Arab world support Shirin


Special news on the emirates – Nermin Al-Ashi

Press agencies and social networking websites reported that Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel Wahab stopped singing in accordance with an official publication signed by Hani Shaker, the head of musical art..

The decision was taken following a report handed down to the Attorney-General by lawyer Samir Sabri, who accused Width of being Egypt for the second time..

The incident comes back when Shirin told the audience about his recent concert in Bahrain: "I am speaking here in my comfort,".

The general opinion was that in a violent attack, Shirin was aimed at distorting and looting.

Ringtones of the first stars, which support the decision to stop Shirin singing, emphasize the national and the Egyptian.

Recently, the Syrian artist Asala Nasri commented on her personal profile on the social networking site "Ingestram", commenting on the same event: "Cherie is a high-level artist … so spontaneous that she may not reflect what does not mean. many others who know it, that they will wait for what will not happen. "

"Our trust in the great artist Hani Shaker is great, he has a good effect, he sings with a singer who is proud of art, nurtures emotions, heartburning, eating all kinds of emotions, singing the song of the homeland," Asala said. And we are sure that it will increase the splendor, in the world it needs, if we doubt the days, it will inevitably be forgiven because it is proud of it.

In the same context, artist Vivi Abdo, her daughter Sherine, supported her profile on the Instagram website: "Sherine bint in Egypt and did not mean any abuse and can not ask anyone in Egypt and love for Egypt and love for us."

On the footsteps of the former stars, Nawal Al-Zoghbi, Najwa Karam, Bilqis and Miriam Fares supported their personal pages on the social networking site "Twitter", emphasizing their national and national identity..


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