Video Sumaya al-Khashab reveals the fact that she was seriously ill


11/18 05:06

Artist Sumaya Al Khashab has revealed the latest songs "Albi Ya Nas", which started a few days ago through the official YouTube channel and achieved great success among the pioneers of social networking sites.

At a meeting with MBC Trending at MBC4, Samaya said that her husband, Singer Ahmed Saad, was recognized for the success of her song and her exit in the best picture. She said that she made a great deal of effort to support her and encourage her to avoid a high sense of who appeared during the song.

She added that the song "Albi Ya Nas" finished recording in January, but she believed she had started at the right time and stressed that she should be recorded on the video footage with a reference from director Jamil al-Maghazi, but he was quicker and is currently studying the idea of ​​Tinted.


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