"Updating currencies" on Saturday the Dollar, the Saudi Riyal and the Euros in banks and the black market .. afternoon


Follow us every day Currency courses today In EgyptBanks and the parallel market, as well as the prices of the US dollar, the euro and the Saudi Riyal, we present daily updated exchange rates in both banks and the black market, in addition to the effects that affect the upward and downward currencies, as well as the reasons for the activity or the decline in the black market.

The exchange rate of the Egyptian pound against the currencies stabilized against the price two years ago, the direction of stability in exchange for currencies, a short-term and gradual decrease in prices in the medium-term, while analysts see the rise in pounds against all currencies in the long run.

Dollar and currency prices today in banks
Dollar and currency prices today in banks

Prices of dollars and currencies in Egypt

  • Dollar rate at banks: The dollar rate against the Egyptian pound has stabilized at the average price on the Egyptian market today in banks over a month.
  • Euro bank rate: the euro rose in the past month, driven by the rise in its price on international currency exchanges, and the gradual decline in Egyptian banks, which recorded an average purchase price of 21.10 pounds and an average sale of £ 20.40 .
  • Saudi Risk Price in Banks: The stability of the Saudi currency in Egyptian banks has continued for the second month in a row with the same price averages after the end of the Khaja period.

Currency rates today in Egyptian banks against the pound

Currency The highest purchase price Lowest selling price


Egyptian Arab Land Bank


National Bank of Egypt



Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank


National Bank of Egypt

Pound Sterling


Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank


Agricultural Bank of Egypt

Saudi Riyal


Egyptian Gulf Bank


National Bank of Egypt

United Arab Emirates Dirham


Egyptian Gulf Bank


Bank of Egypt

Jordanian Dinar


Bank Audi


Credit Agricole

Kuwaiti Dinar


Arab International Banking Company


National Bank of Egypt

Oman Rial


Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank


National Bank of Egypt

Bahrain Dinar


Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank


National Bank of Egypt

Factors affecting the exchange rates of banks

  • The US dollar is affected by the increase in cash reserves in Egyptian green currency banks, low inflation and the improvement in the Egyptian economy's indicators, which declined in the medium term until they reached the long-term fair levels LE14 and LE11.
  • The euro is influenced by Egyptian banks to the global price of the European currency against the dollar, while the US currency is rising in the currency market and is rising in Egyptian banks.
  • The Saudi Riyal is affected by legislation on supply and demand and high reserves of banks from the Saudi currency, while demand for surcharges is increasing with the reservation of tourist companies in the seasons for pilgrimages and pilgrimages, where reservation is in the Saudi Riyal. While traders resort to the black market in the absence of the availability of renegade banks, which leads to recovery.

Currency on the black market

The price of currencies on the black market is related to the supply and demand legislation, since the decision to liberalize the exchange rate of the pound against the currency for about two years and the circulation on the black market is not a priority for traders since the exchange rates on the black market are off the official price of the Bank.

  • The average price of the dollar on the black market buys 17.88 pounds and sells 17.75 pounds.
  • The average price of Saudi Riyals on the black market is 4.80 pounds and sells 4.75 pounds.
  • The average price of the euro on the black market buys £ 20.60 and sells £ 20.90.

Prices on the black market are approximate, varying from place to place in terms of supply and demand, and the black market has been shrinking and suffering in recent years due to the improved exchange rate of the dollar against the currencies.


The price of the euro is related to the Egyptian banks and the Egyptian market following the global price of the European currency and the euro on the international currency exchanges after losing from the Egyptian pound in 2011 and continuing to fluctuate on the Egyptian market due to violent fluctuations in European stock exchanges.

The Saudi currency remained stable for almost a month to stabilize the currency market on the Egyptian market, as well as the drop in demand for the end of the Hajj season and the increase in the reserve money from the riyal, which led to a new decline due to the power of the pound against the rial.

The price of the dollar depends on the Egyptian market for supply and demand and has fluctuated significantly since 2011 and has paid the same price in the last six months of 2018.


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