Thus, the President of the Sports Media Association commented on the rumors of Marseille's innocence!


Al-Wiamam-Riyadh-Ibrahim Al-Saleh

Head of the Association of Sports Media, dr. Rajah Alah Al-Salami, today, explained the truth about the innocence of former Fahad Al-Mardas, who has been postponed since May for corruption and competition.

Al-Salami published Twitter in a tweet: Some of the newspapers published by Fahd Al-Mardasi is a big professional mistake because it has nothing to do with media work, but it is even closer to excitement far from professionals.

He added, "I am surprised that the news is published without returning to official sources, especially that the Directorate-General for the management of the permanent leadership of His Excellency, the President of the Council, does not hesitate to explain anything at any time and sports.

He concluded with the words: the professionalism of the media requires an investigation of the accuracy and the search for truth before publication, because there are those who try to mix confusion for purposes other than sports.


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