The "Sudanese military" in Sudan praises the views of the Arab countries in support



Friday, April 12, 2019


The team commended the first corner of Omar Zine El Abidine, chairman of the Transitional Military Council's Political Committee, the views of Arab countries in support of Sudan in regional and international fora.

Zine El Abidine, in the interpretation of the Sudanese Foreign Ministry to the ambassadors of the Arab group accredited in Khartoum, said that the change was not a coup, but a bias against the will of the people, and stressed that the Council is fully prepared to start a dialogue with all parties and political forces. To establish a civilian government that will lead the country's work. "The Transitional Military Council will not interfere with the formation of a civilian government," he said, emphasizing the Council's commitment to good neighborly relations and to all international conventions and treaties.

The chairman of the political committee that the state is in a state of protest and seating since 19 December 2018, which called on the armed forces to respond to the call for change and the creation of a High Security Committee to face this development in order not to expel the state to the threats that lead to chaos, emphasizing that the armed forces used wisdom and responded to the call for change in order to meet the demands of the Protestants.

In this regard, the President of the Political Committee of the Military Council met with the ambassadors of the European Community and the troika, and briefed them on the development of the situation in Sudan and met with the ambassadors of the African and Asian groups.


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