# Samsung launched the first # 5 generation mobile phone in the world


SEOUL: South Korea has revealed its intention to launch the first smartphone with five generations in the world for the world's largest telecommunications networks, the Galaxy S10 FIVE Gee.

Samsung introduced its latest smartphones, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus, as well as the cheapest Galaxy S10E at a ceremony in San Francisco in February last year when it offered a limited number of these new phones.

The Galaxy S10 FIFG will win 5.1 million in South Korea, which is about $ 1,330, Korea Herald said, while the Cnet.com website, which specializes in technology issues, said the final price of the device will be different from the country to the state. The second with a change in exchange rates.

In general, the Galaxy S105G will be more expensive than Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10E, as the fifth generation mobile phones are more expensive than 4G or 4G chips. .

Samsung says the ability of the Galaxy S10 FIFG to connect to networks and data is about 20 times faster than the capabilities of 4G phones. Among the features of the fifth generation is the speed of broadcasting video and video calls and providing a better environment for playing computer games.

Samsung does not intend to open the Galaxy S10 FIVE G while offering promotions for the device, including a free wireless charger or a pair of classic Galaxy iPod speakers.


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