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Protein in food .. What are the recommended quantities?


Proteins play an important role in our diet with carbohydrates and fats that are associated with all vital bodily functions and are an important component of the immune system. It is not advisable to take too much protein.

Although the proteins are important, their overuse does not help to build more muscles or strengthen them, but may increase the desire to consume calories and fats. What is the amount of protein that the body needs?

Recommended amount of protein
Nutritionists recommend consuming a daily protein intake of 10-15% of the total calorie consumed per day, about 1 g / kg of body weight.

What about pregnant women and athletes ?!

1. Proteins for pregnant women and nursing women
Pregnant women should eat at least 10 grams of protein, which is more than recommended before pregnancy.

Dietitians recommend that pregnant women receive daily proteins from low-fat dairy products by 20-30 g to contain calcium and vitamin D, which are essential for the health of the mother's bones and fetuses.

Women who are breast feeding should spend about 20 grams of protein a day to support the production of milk in the body of a nursing woman, which is more than the amount consumed before pregnancy.

2 – proteins for athletes
Most exercises can include physical decomposition during exercise and muscle reconstruction, so the amount of protein needed for athletes depends on the length, frequency and intensity of the exercise.

For example, if you work, you may need 50% protein, which is a higher proportion than you do not normally do.

People who develop muscles during exercise require a double amount of protein and a higher proportion of consumption than a person who does not exercise.

It is important to know that most people, including athletes, receive a large amount of protein in their normal diet, so it is often not necessary to take protein supplements.

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