Friday , March 5 2021

Present requirements for the licensing of solar and renewable sources to investors

The city of Abdulah for atomic and renewable energy has shown that there are many positive results generated by electricity generation through solar energy in the local market, in particular the added value of the national economy, the employment opportunities for Saudi Arabian youth and the increase in investment opportunities for local institutions and companies. During the workshop, which was held yesterday in the Eastern Chamber, entitled "Requirements for Licenses for Solar and Renewable Energy Investors", together with representatives of the Regulatory Agency for Electricity and Co-Generation and the Serbian Royal City of Abdullah for Atomic and Renewable Energy, several positive results from the entry of this service, Including the sustainable diversification of energy sources. "The city has introduced three initiatives in the field of renewable energy sources, including a national Renewable Energy Center, which contributes to providing comprehensive data from the Earth and the satellite to all users with no problems and localization initiatives," said Mohammad Qarwan, Executive Director of Renewable Energy in King Abdullah for atomic and renewable energy. Renewable energy technologies that enable and support national companies in the development of new renewable energy products, applications and services, and initiatives to build human capacity for atomic and renewable energy by preparing human capital needed for the nuclear and renewable energy sectors. He stressed that the city has a large capacity for measuring and designing renewable energy sources such as the Atlas of Renewable Energy, an electronic platform for providing information on beneficiaries with different data and a network of engineering surveillance with 47 measurements distributed throughout the kingdom and a network monitoring of wind energy through the network of stations that measure the speed and direction of the wind For the electricity network that provides support and advice for the development of transport code, distribution codes and studies on the impact of renewable energy projects on the network.
Dr. Qarwan said that the city is striving to increase local content through the resettlement of renewable energy technologies in partnership with the private sector by fostering the growth of the renewable energy sector in the Kingdom and empowering local businesses to develop products, applications and services in the field of renewable energy, and maximize the potential of local businesses to find economic growth and jobs. In the renewable energy sector, the city seeks to create jobs in the fields of atomic and renewable energy, 35 percent of the renewable industry and 30 percent in the nuclear industry.

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