Wednesday , May 12 2021

News 24 | Will Pfizer last only 6 months? Nizar Bahabri replied

Coronal vaccineCounselor for internal and infectious diseases dr. Nizar Bahbari revealed the duration of the effectiveness of the emerging coronavirus vaccine.

He explained that the effectiveness is measured by periodic examination to assess the size of the antibodies present in the body and their ability to prevent the virus from multiplying, and then to determine the effectiveness of the vaccine in the body.

Bahabri said Pfizer’s intention to publish the effectiveness of its vaccine will take up to 6 months to regularly check the first categories of vaccine recipients on tests to measure the extent of the vaccine’s ability to continue to work in the body. in general.

He added that people who received Pfizer as part of the baseline study did so a few weeks 6 months before the vaccination date, explaining the company’s forecast of vaccine efficacy stating that if they completed 9 months or one year, the company examined and determined the effectiveness of the vaccine.

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