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Huawei plans a sharp penalty against Trump


Chinese Huawei plans a "severe punishment" against US President Donald Trump and his decision against the company that forced Google to withdraw the Android license was reported in the reports.

The Wall Street Journal correspondent reported the plan, "revenge" plans to implement Huawei to respond to sanctions imposed by the US administration against Chinese companies led by "Huawei".

The magazine said that "Huawei" intends to fire a large number of employees in the United States in order to respond to the blacklist in the United States.

It is expected that redundancies will include jobs at the Huawei Research and Development Unit in the United States, which employs approximately 850 people in research laboratories in the United States.

The source told the newspaper that layoffs could involve hundreds, and the second that the company gave Chinese workers in the United States the opportunity to return home and continue working in the company.

The Wall Street Journal reported that more employees were already informed about their redundancies, and soon more jobs could be announced.

Reuters said Huawei did not want to comment when he contacted Reuters.

Huawei President Liang Hua said that the listing of the US Treasury Department could have an impact on the company's operations worldwide and could cause direct damage to US companies, so Huawei asked the United States to completely exclude him from the list . Limited interview.

"The US authorities have blacklisted our company and we are opposed to this, because these measures do not have the right foundation and will cause damage to US companies, including companies working with Huawei," said Liang Hua.

At the same time, Liang Hua considered the US decision to be completely inappropriate, as it could affect the provision of Huawei customers' services in more than 170 countries.

China's Huawei was listed on the US "black list" for US claims that a Chinese firm is engaged in activities that are contrary to national security.

Then it announced the US Department of Commerce to make businesses 90 days before launching new procedures, and Google said it would continue to support existing smartphones Huawei, which uses the Android operating system developed by Google, At the same time, after introducing new US restrictions Huawei users will not be able to take advantage of Google's other digital services, such as Google Maps and Gmail, which reduces the popularity of these phones.

Huawei will immediately lose access to Android operating system updates, and will also have access to new smartphone models outside of China and access to Android software and services, including the Google Play Store app store, and the Gmail email application.

Washington has called on its allies not to use Huawei technology to build the fifth generation of telecommunications networks because of the fear that it will [هذه الشركة] The tool used by China for spyware.

In another context, the company, "Huawei" China, a lawsuit in America against the government, where it asked to recognize an unconstitutional inclusion in the US blacklist, and prevent them from purchasing components and technology from US manufacturers.

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