Hilmi Bakr o Shirin: great singer, but her problem in the language


Hilmi Bakr o Shirin: great singer, but her problem in the language

Sherine Abdel Wahab

Egyptian singer Helmi Bakr condemned Sherine Abdel Wahab's singer on the last concert in Bahrain against Egypt.

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"Shirin is a great singer and beautiful, but her problem is her language, she cautioned her a lot and I stood beside her, advised her to just sing and close her mouth," she said in a statement on Saturday.

Bakr described the position of the music unions as "very good" and emphasized that the investigation was acceptable.

He also explained that the decision will ultimately be the decision of the union.

"Sherene was wrong and must be penalized because after the Egyptian conversation he got a wave of insurrection, while some described Egypt as a country of terrorism," he asked. .

"Unfortunately, what Cherine does is the result of her social culture," concluded Bakr.

It is important to note that artist Sherine Abdel Wahab complained about Egypt during a concert in Bahrain a few days ago and stressed that the crisis prevented her from writing and submitting notifications to the state prosecutor.

Shirin appeared in the video and said, "I am speaking here of my freedom, but if they will be locked up in Egypt."

State Prosecutor Nabil Sadiq sent a letter from lawyer Samir Sabri singer Sherina Abdel Wahab, accusing her of harassing Egypt, spreading false news and summoning suspicious human rights organizations working against the state to intervene in Egyptian cases.

The music trade union decided that Sherine Abdel Wahab would stop singing until he was searched at the headquarters of the trade union on the 27th.

Source: Egyptian newspaper "Al Watan"


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