«Emmy Leaves» .. »Al-Manawi« an arbiter of television news


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The 46th session of the Emmy Emmy Television Festival, which hosted more than 600 television professionals from more than 60 countries this year, began yesterday in New York. The final phase of this year's competitions reached 50 television works in 11 different program areas, journalistic and documentary films.

The festival will be attended by Director of Al Masry Al Youm, chosen by the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, which will be the Academy in the field of Television. In which Al-Manawi participated as an arbitrator, where he was an arbiter in the documentary film competition for the same prize.

This year, Al-Manawi will select winning television coverage, challenged by several international television channels and many television journalists from around the world.

The results will be published at the annual conference of this year's academy this year in New York, early in the morning on Tuesday.

The Emmy Award is an American award for various television series and programs created in 1949, which is equivalent to an Oscar award, but the Oscars are limited to film production, and Emmy specializes in the production of television production.


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