Egypt – NASA discovers huge missiles from high energy molecules from the first black hole


(MENAFN – Youm7)

Scientists began collecting data on a massive black hole in the center of Meissier 87, the first black hole that can even be photographed, which is 55 million light-years away from Earth, and its mass is estimated at about 6.5 billion more solar masses.

According to Daily Mail, satellite observations, Chandra and Nostar from NASA reveal that they are now extracting high-energy particles at near-light speeds and throwing materials for more than 1000 light-years.

NASA observations were used to measure the brightness of X-ray galaxies of the M87 galaxies, which were compared with Horizon Horizon telescope models and observations.


There are many secrets about the nature of black holes, including the reason for the production of some material in these missiles, although they are known as an inevitable region.

The high-energy molecules that form the M87 germ projectiles emerge from a region close to the horizon of the black hole event and are noticed that they are vague and opaque.

"X-rays help us connect particles that are close to the horizon of the event to be measured with our telescopes," said Guy Nielsen, an astronomer from Villanova University in Pennsylvania, who led the analysis of Chandra and Nostar.



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