Arrangement with the advisory services of the Saud Energy Atomic Energy Project on Worley Parsons


King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy has concluded an agreement on the provision of project management services at the National Atomic Energy Project in Saudi Arabia, Worley Parsons.
According to Reuters, the company will provide consulting services for the project with the consent of PMO.
Worley Parsons is a global provider of expert services for the resource, oil and energy sectors, project management, engineering design and complex operational activities among the 50 largest global design and project management companies.
Worley Parsons has been working in Saudi Arabia for more than 50 years, and last year Aramco got a contract for engineering and design of pipelines and facilities at bathing sites.
The Kingdom founded King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy as the main deck for the atomic and renewable energy sector, and the engine for scientific research and innovation in this strategic industry, as the city seeks and exploits energy and capabilities to achieve the desired goals.
With Vision 2030, the Kingdom aims to become the world's leading manufacturer of atomic and renewable energy, which makes King Abdullah City's management of atomic and renewable energy the main responsibility for the latest technology in this sector.
Given that the city is already in place, the acquisition of technologies and systems for nuclear and renewable energy and the development of a sustainable energy mix has become essential in order to preserve traditional resources and to strengthen the role of the Kingdom as the most important energy source in the world. In addition to support, this is also a national industry representing hydrocarbon resources in this sector. A wide range of industries and what it means to ensure the future of future generations. Investing in sustainable energy sources creates great employment opportunities for younger coexistence in the vital and emerging sector.
The natural, scientific and technical capabilities of the Kingdom allow nuclear and renewable energy sources to take advantage of important opportunities that need to be exploited and to encourage them to increase energy security and sustainability, increase efficiency and more environmentally friendly use while maintaining the highest safety standards and benefit from the most important international experience in this field.


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