April 3. Date of the film "Show Day" in Egypt and the Arab world


Producer Amr Tantawi Promo released the film "Presentation Day" on the Facebook page of the company and on the YouTube video page at the end of the montage and mixing of the film.

The film is a thriller featuring: Ehab Fahmy, Ahmed Siam, Hossam El Gendy, Nada Bahgat, Claudia Hanna, Mohamed El Saadany, Mohamed El Ghareeb, Ahmed Farouk, Mohamed El Azab, Mohamed Abdel Gawad, Reda Idris, Mounir Makram, Bahaa Al Khatib, Micros Productions for Film Production – Amr Tantawi – Writer Ehab Nasser – The idea and direction of Baybars El Shahawy.

Proto appeared in most of the characters of the film, it seems that the fear and horror of an obscure figure are concealed in the form of Joker Kuchin, see who Joker is and why decide to close the heroes show inside the theater and sarcastically says "I appreciate you Jay".

Producer Amr Tantawi announced that he ordered the company to distribute the film inside and outside of Egypt, and producer Walid Sabri confirmed that the film will be screened on Wednesday, April 3, and will compete in the spring festival season until the Ramadan holy month.


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