ALGER EVENT – Parents do not notice early symptoms of severe bleeding


Parents do not notice the early symptoms of severe bleeding

Death and disability threaten children with haemophilia
According to official data, approximately 2362 cases of haemophilia, acute, moderate and minor, are one of the rare and chronic hereditary haemorrhagic diseases that are commonly seen in children due to a mother's genome and have inherited her children without symptoms. People with this disease are vulnerable to disability if they do not inject the necessary medicines in a short period of time, and parents complain about treatment centers in some areas, which poses a threat to the situation.
Author: Samia Eshlif / Yasmin B.
Hemophilia or bleeding leads to a lack of a blood clotting factor, which results in a person continuing bleeding. The disease spreads primarily among men and rarely affects women. Statistics show that around 7 million people are infected in the world, 75 percent do not know. Seventy percent of patients in developing countries do not receive health care due to poverty and lack of treatment.
Hemophilia is divided into three categories: type A, caused by a lack of coagulation factor 8, representing 80% of haemorrhagic cases, type B causes factor deficiency 9, approximately 15 to 20 per cent of cases, and are the two most common males and the most common in the Arab countries. The third type C, caused by the lack of a clotting factor 11, affects both sexes, but it is rare.
It calls on parents of sick children in Algeria to take care of their children and to provide the necessary medicine in all hospitals in the country, especially with regard to the first and second type of illness, with the need to open special health centers in this category and intensively in remote areas to facilitate treatment and relief of the burden of traveling to remote hospitals on their residence.
Examples found during pruning
At national level, 29 national haemophilia associations are organized that organize training courses and sensitization for the benefit of patients and their families. Children from 8 years of age and more learn how to take them home or alone. Parents teach how to inject their young children in order to avoid the risk of motor disabilities that endanger their lives, especially in the event of acute bleeding and the patient's inability to take the medicine in the first minutes.
Doctors say that most parents find that men have hemophilia during circumcision and warn that they were performed during the first days of birth or two years ago in order to avoid health complications that could lead to death in the event of illness, in particular acute hemophilia.
In addition, the symptoms of the disease are based on the amount of coagulation factor. Bleeding is less if the coagulation factor is greater than 5% and the acute level is Coagulation is less than 1%, which is a real risk for the child's life, but is moderately limited by between 1% and 5%. Often bleeding at the level of the joints to injuries, which presents to the patient disorders of the motor in adulthood, because the treatment itself is not enough to prevent, since it must know everything that can cause damage and bleeding.
"I had to leave my job to take care of my child"
She was not responsible for the illness of her son Khalid, who was not aware of his injuries after being circumcised at the age of three. She warned that she had injuries and swelling in her body when she tried to walk or stand. In the early stages of his life, however, he did not realize the importance of the great one, and he was assumed to be causing the severity of the fall and affecting the ground.
Suad adds that her shock was great when her doctor told her that her child suffers from haemophilia. The blood did not break the gonorrhea during pruning until it was injected with a substance that helped him to bleed. She told us that she lived a real suffering with her son and that she was busy. In the kindergarten for fear of him, she recently encouraged her to give up her work in order to deal with him in the house, and warned that she was sometimes forced to be transferred to the hospital due to an injection at the time of bleeding to avoid serious consequences and complexity of his condition.
Pupils are deprived of care for exercise
As for Shahira, she confirmed that her son, who is studying in the first secondary secondary period, suffers from severe haemophilia, which was detected for up to two years by examining a sample of his blood, where the results showed a deficiency of one of the coagulation factors I would encounter a bitter reality and fear To his future and look at society.
Mother reported that she first encountered a lot of problems to understand this disease and how to prevent continuous bleeding. She was always concerned about her son, and she was afraid to go down to the school yard while playing and when the students swam together, especially during the primary and intermediate stages. He is still afraid of him, even after he came to a secondary stage, although he knew at this age everything that is related to his illness and how to prevent continuous bleeding and the way home injections are taken.
Excessive costs and injections
The best treatment
In the seven state days of pharmacies organized by the Nazir Mohammed Betizi Ouzou University Hospital, Rashid Mahesha, deputy director of pharmaceutical products in the hospital, confirmed that the cost of taking care of the patient's haemophilia is very high, so most of the injured parties due to high prices, Hospitals often face these situations.
He explained that a rare illness affects 1 to 2 children for every 10,000 births of males, where the patient is affected by the disease, on chronic osteoporosis due to recurrent symptoms of the disease, and there are complications for treatment, namely viral infections and infections.
Dr. Maasha emphasized that the therapeutic treatment of haemophilia begins with the identification of bleeding events in order to receive appropriate treatment. He emphasized the importance of self-treatment because it is early and effective, as it is intended to help patients with acute bleeding episodes to live almost normal.
Regarding the drugs given to patients, the representative stressed that the injection of blood factors for injury after each bleeding to avoid complications of the disease is serious, and preventive treatment is the injection of children three times a week and before surgery and until complete healing and every 8 or 12 H in case of lack of coagulation factor 8 and after 12 hours of factor deficiency 9.
Health news
A recent study reveals
Antibiotics are hazardous to the gut
Danish and Chinese scientists have discovered how antibiotics in the gut are dangerous. A joint study shows that following the use of these drugs, the number of intestinal bacteria is increasing, emphasizing that they should be used only when necessary and based on a prescription.
After a cycle of antibiotics, the bowel returns to normal after six months, but not completely, with some bacteria completely disappearing, while some harmful species improve.
The study was performed in men who did not have any diseases that they took into the combination of known medical preparations that they usually prescribed for the treatment of various bacterial infections. Four days later, researchers began to monitor the behavior of intestinal bacteria. After the experiment they took Sludge sample to determine the composition "Intestinal microbes and samples were taken immediately after the course of antibiotics, but also after two days and six months later.
The first samples showed "destruction and partial survival", as the number of bacteria dropped significantly, while some preserved their number. After six months, in practice, the number of bacteria returned almost the same as it was, but the composition was no longer the same as it was and remained defective and deficient, Nine types of microbes, and instead discovered new species. S
Red beet is an effective treatment for cancer of Alzheimer's and prostate cancer!
Recent studies have confirmed that it stimulates the functioning of the brain because it contains high folic acid, which plays an important role in preventing the development of Alzheimer's disease. Potassium helps regulate blood pressure and dietary fiber. C ", which is necessary for the health of the body tissues and to accelerate the process of treating the body of inflammation.
Beans also contain other active substances such as iron required for the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow, therefore it is recommended to treat anemia prevention and is very useful for the liver, activates the metabolism and prolongs the life of the liver cells.
Bough improves heart condition as its juice helps lower blood pressure and red peptine content, which is an antioxidant, the property of slowing the development of tumors in prostate, breast, gastric and stomach cancer, detoxification of the body.
Doctor Com
Gastroenterologist Ismail Treki
Can a liver patient perform and what kind of sport is best for his health?
If the hepatitis is not severe or not advanced, the patient can exercise normally, but if the disease is serious or if the general condition does not allow it, consult a doctor. Depending on the recommended type of sport, it is recommended that you only run slow speed, and patients who can not compete should walk for at least 20 minutes a day in order to squeeze the fat deposited on the liver, which can multiply the disease.
I'm a pregnant woman in the ninth month with hepatitis B, can the virus be transferred to my son?
Hepatitis B is very contagious, so all family members should be vaccinated. Women may also be pregnant naturally, but there is a risk of transmission of the disease vertically to a new baby, where it should be vaccinated immediately at birth and closely monitored.
I'm a 35-year-old man. What are the conditions in which we must transplant the liver and know that I have hepatitis C?
Liver transplantation in our country is well controlled and in general when the complications of hepatitis are serious and can not be treated, the liver can not perform its tasks, and the transplantation is the only therapeutic option, the Batna Center for Cancer Treatment is interested in liver transplantation , The Committee needs transplantation as a priority.
I'm a 41-year-old lady. Can I wash to remove bile and there is a risk to my life if I know I have cirrhosis?
Cholecystectomy can be removed in patients with cirrhosis, but there is sometimes a risk of bleeding. The decision is always returned to the doctors who monitor the situation.
Brothers Sami
Under the binoculars
Experts confirm
Algeria counts about 7,000 cases each year "Leshemaniouz"
Experts confirm that alchemy continues to devour lichenosis, and from the southern regions of the country, the countries are heading north, especially in the form of skin caused by climate change, and even a human factor that significantly expands dirt and waste.
Professor Boussad Hamrioui of the Parasitology Department at Mustafa Pasha hospital in the capital said that a contagious disease spread only in southern countries at a recent symposium on leukhmaniasis at the Nazir Mohammed Betizi Ouzou University Hospital in collaboration with the Algerian Foundation for Parasitology and medicinal mushrooms. In the north, for several reasons, among which the most important are climate change, lack of hygiene and the proliferation of stray animals.
According to data provided by the same specialist, there are approximately 12 million cases for leishmanios in the world each year for 2012, while Algeria represents between 6 and 7 000 patients annually. The incidence of AIDS in children under 5 years in Algeria, 95%, which is a lot of calls, as the professor points out, alarm rises and intensifies awareness raising campaigns and the establishment of emergency preventive measures to prevent infections, explaining that cleanliness is very important in the use of pesticides for the removal of insects that carry the disease.
According to doctors participating in the forum, leishmanios causes small insects not exceeding 3 millimeters. The night of sounds and activities tonight, especially in the summer and early autumn, as a human or animal pain, because they need blood,, The consequence of the reddening of the beam setting, especially on the face and hands and feet, where the size of this city is and becomes a form of ulcers, of which they excrete yellow yellow in color between six months and a year, and can leave effects on the skin, especially if delayed treatment and widespread patches.
He explained that skin leishmaniasis is the most common in the world and adds that the areas that have spread in Algeria are the states of high plates such as Ghardaia and Batna, in particular Messila, Bosa and Biskra, but the disease has moved in recent years northern countries, in particular Tisi Ouzou and Bejaia Al-Buwaira, Boumerdes and others, and cases of internal leishmanios infection, which is the most serious skin, and added that despite the reduction of injuries in recent years due to the preventive program, Kabylie remains one of the largest areas, where this record P disease is a killer, especially at the balance sheet level, the hand and quarry are located south and east of Tisa ouzou.
In this regard, the doctor shows that internal pains, serious, affect the internal organs of the human body, especially in the liver and spleen, and others and can quickly lead to the death of the patient after the onset of complications and the absence of the necessary medical care and treatment, and the most important symptoms, temperature "madness" up to 39 and 40 degrees Celsius, uncontrolled and irregular and lasting for several weeks and suffering from anemia, anemia or anemia, as well as spleen and liver swelling and tension, and the appearance of black spots on the skin and other symptoms.
In the current year, the University of Tizi Ouzou found three cases of internal deprivation, according to statistics relating to a 16-month-old baby from Bejaia and another from the 21-month Eikoran district. The third example is a woman in the fifth decade Al Hamam stressed that the number of cases not reported and not diagnosed is high. Official statistics do not make it possible to confirm the actual number of patients, pointing out that good diagnosis and rapid treatment contribute significantly to the reduction of mortality in those with internal lichenosis.
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Healthy steps
Six Ways to Keep Your Lungs Healthy!
Smoking cessation: cessation of smoking is one of the things that helps to improve lung health by at least 10 percent after nine months of takeoff. Breathing exercises: Doctors are advised to use respiratory exercises, including the rack and back, and then breathe and keep breathing for 10 seconds before evaporation. Eat enough vitamin D: A recent study has shown that high levels of vitamin D are associated with pulmonary health. Regular exercise: it is useful to be performed regularly and is one way to effectively help the respiratory system. The lungs take oxygen and fire carbon dioxide. When we practice, this process happens faster, making your lungs stronger and more effective.
Sit up: Studies have shown that sitting in an uneven way reduces the ability of the lungs, because it pushes the lungs to make them smaller, so you need to sit moderately. Improve the quality of air in your home: keeping the air cleaner helps to get rid of dust and the administration of home-grown plants can help to keep fresh air. In the days when the level of pollution is low, make sure the windows are open.
A window of hope
A new technique that brings hope back to paralyzed
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US scientists have developed a technique to help millions of paralyzed people walk again. The new technique is based on the electrical stimulation of the spine by implanting the electrode inside it.
The first study managed to help two patients at Kentucky University Center in Kentucky in 2014, thanks to electrical stimulation, again gained a lower body feel at the Mayo Clinic of Minnesota published by Nature Medicine after an implanting electrode in the spine of a young person with complete paralysis, and with the help of the technique, it is possible to restore the ability to walk again.
According to published press reports, the director of the research center, Suzanne Harkim, said that in-service training can restore the backbone of the paralyzed, ability to work again, despite the lack of connection with the brain, which contributed to the technique of electrical stimulation based on a small device Remote Control.

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