Al Madinah Al Munawwarah The first phase of the Tzuwair project will complete 42 archaeological sites


The General Administration for Tourism and National Heritage in Medina recently completed the first phase of the fencing project, the protection and maintenance of various archaeological sites belonging to a series of projects in order to protect the effects of Madinah, where the Commission previously conducted archaeological research in this area, including governors Medina and its centers, In the National Registry of Effects.
The Commission's Director-General for the Region of Eng Faisal bin Khalid Al-Madani said that the first phase of the project was carried out under the supervision of modern technical personnel from Saudi Arabia, where the first phase completed 42 archaeological sites in the region, suggesting that the project of fencing of archaeological sites began at various stages, aimed at preserving and protecting various archaeological sites. Preserving interventions and extending urban and agricultural areas that emphasize that the framework operations were carried out in accordance with various forms aimed at improving the visual vision, as it facilitates relief viewing archaeological sites on the other side, and the project is to expand the package of projects implemented by the Archaeological Survey Authority and the City of Architectural Heritage, as a body continuing projects in the field of national heritage protection, which help to redirect attention to what is in store Medina from archaeological and historical elements Entovs form the basis of Islamic history.
He emphasized that the Medina area is full of many important archaeological sites that wish to visit most of the visitors and interested in Islamic history, which encourages the Commission to improve the environment surrounding these areas and to preserve them by studying, documenting and protecting design and rehabilitation In the future, in order to maintain the effects of the Kingdom in various areas, the Commission remains a tourist destination throughout the year.
On the other hand, Nayef bin Ali Al-Qunour, Director-General for Registration and Protection, said that the programs on which the Commission operates are improving the effective protection of archaeological sites by developing the effectiveness of existing methods (fencing and security), adding new methods of constant monitoring of all sites and activating cooperation other government agencies In the process of protection, we praise the efforts of the sectors of the Commission in general and its subsidiaries in implementing protective projects at the Kingdom level, serving the cultural heritage of our country, dearly, drawing attention to the citizen's awareness and his role as a key partner in preserving his country's heritage and care.
It is worth mentioning that the Antiquities and Museums Department of the General Directorate for Tourism and National Heritage, represented by the Directorate General for the Registration and Protection of Antiques, continues to seek to register and document cultural heritage in all places of the Kingdom and take all necessary measures to protect it against destruction , sabotage and theft. The program of the Custodian of two sacred mosques, which takes care of cultural heritage as one of the results provided by the General Office of Tourism and National Heritage, and the program deals with areas of Islamic history, which aim to provide archaeological sites and history. Which is suitable for our valuable kingdom.


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