After official return. The first task of "Abdulhafiz" in Ahiju


Al-Ahli's management board, headed by Mahmud Al-Khatib, has decided to designate Sayed Abdel-Hafiz, the former director of football, who will follow the ball sector in the Al-Hamra fortress in the following period.

Khatib has asked Sayed Abdel Hafiz to prepare a comprehensive vision and reassess all matters in the ball sector, with a vision that includes nominations for the names of all jobs in the sector and submit them to the Council within a week.

Prior to this, the National Council announced the dissolution of the Football Committee and thanked Abdul Aziz Al-Shafi (Zizo) and Alaa Abdul-Sadiq and the appointment of Haithama Orabi to the contract committee of the club.

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Mahmoud Al-Khatib met with the Council meeting in the evening in addition to the meeting of the contractual adviser Baadl Al-Qaiyy and the member of the new contract committee, Haitham Orabi, and the director of the contract committee, Mohammed Fadla and Hossam Ghali, before the publication of the new resolutions to be disclosed after the Council meeting.

The return of Abdel Hafiz to Al Ahli is in the third position after he was in the Portuguese machine Manuel Jose and then Mohammed Yusuf, and then left the club and returned with Jose Jose Peseiroom and continued with Martin Jol and Hussam Al-Badri before left at the beginning of the current season, and then back again with the decision of Mahmoud Khatib.

Mahmoud Al-Khatib announced last week that he had made revolutionary decisions to restructure the ball sector after losing the team to the African Champions League after defeating Esperance 4/3 in the last round. Arabs in Alexandria 3/1 and lost 3/0 in a return match at the Rades Stadium in Tunisia.

At a meeting last Thursday, the National Council renewed its mandate to oversee the football file following a decision to dissolve the football board. Al-Khatib will present to the world all recommendations relating to the ball in order to vote on it and obtain approval.

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Bébo is considering moving Adel Abdurrahman, a youth coach to the club, the first coach of the team, who is a general trainer, especially after recent requests to change the device after losing the title of the African Champions League for Esperance.

Al-Ahli is also considering a formal decision to take over Mohamed Yousif as the director of football, instead of his current position as general trainer and acting director of the ball, in order to fully address the administrative situation and end the problems and crises that have recently emerged between players.

Mohamed Yousef, Director-General and Acting Director of Football, announced this morning that the Dutchman Michael Lindeman, the loading planner, did not leave the post and stressed that the Dutchman will not leave the club, especially because he performs well his work and points out that his absence from the team In the last days he was on holiday to visit his family and convinced him to lead team fitness from Sunday.

It should be noted that the couple Mohamed Fadl and Hussam Ghali on Thursday gave a derogation to the National Council contrary to the inclusion of the contract committee Haitham Orabi, where he refused all attempts by members of the Ghali Council to dissuade him from this withdrawal, first of all, before agreeing to its decision.


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