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Evgenia Medvedev or Alina Zagitova: a holiday for the fans who is the better, she continues. This weekend, Finland will receive the third stage of the 2018/2019 Grand Prix season. Here was the long-awaited appearance of the Olympic champion Pkhenchkhan Alina Zagitova. After Medvedev had not started the Canadian stage too confidently for a week, his main rival became the main plotting. What did Zagitova show in Helsinki – in the "" material.

"It was like a fog. He felt the insecurity. There's something to do," the first thing Zagitova said after his speech on November 2. " Briefly and clearly: the reason for the ritberger in the crown cascade is not physics but the head. From here, trembling with warmth and confused look at the beginning of performance. The short program of Russian women is the Phantom of the Opera House. And some kind of ghost really did go to Helsinki on Ice in Zagitova. It seemed he was not himself, at least eight months ago, with his childlike enthusiasm at the Olympics.

Naturally, Alina changed the last season greatly. The first adult winner in the European Championships (not over someone, but over Medveden himself), the fabulous Korean Games, which over and over became a star of a world star and gave the fifth place in the Milan World Championships. All this is in the background of maturity, the most difficult time for skater girls. "Everything I told myself when I won the Olympic Games. Now I just want to ride," the Russian woman recognized.

At the same time, Medvedev's transition to Canadian Brian Orser's wings sank to his head and the pressure on Zagitov rose. In the coach war he pledged and in order to win the season, he had to change the status of the queen. And then, as luckily, the rules changed, and the former league system, when he handed over the jumps to the second part of the program, stopped.

But Eteri Tutberidze's student did not just handle it. In such circumstances, Zagitova managed to add – and literally won himself. At the beginning of September, he set up a world record in Oberstdorf and beat the Japanese Open one month later. Then Tatiana Tarasova won (though he was holding back) who fanatically watched Medvedev for many years: "Zagitova is in a very good physical condition, thin, very easy, great workout, but small parts, although the judges rank fourth, does not seem so convincing, "said the expert.

Alina Zagitova

Alina Zagitova

Photo: @teamzagitova

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In fact, there is no question about the skater's physical shape. The coach gave his players an extra tactical briefing during the break, and after that. This is especially important if we consider that Zagitova's free program is the most complex in the world. Doubles Olympic Champion Artur Dmitriev commented: "I see that it is very difficult to have a free program. I could also say that the athlete's abilities were at the border."

However, in the Tutberidze group, work at the "boundaries of the possibilities" is normal. The most important thing is that this border is not in a moral sense. Driving at the beginning of the season is unlikely to lead to something good.

Zagitova is a short program with good profits. However, the "butterfly" (disruption of an element when an athlete shakes his leg in the air – approx. "") instead of rittbergera. Yes, the next consecutive – Japanese Yune Shiraiva – Alina "carried five points". But compared to its own rents, Japan Open lost 11 at the same time.

"If Zagitova can not cope with the nerves, then the opportunity for the 2018 World Championship in Finland is real. There is really no life experience," said Elena Vaytsehovskaya, a journalist before the start of the Grand Prix of Helsinki. Yes, no contestant has arrived at this stage who can at least theoretically compete with Zagitova. Yuna Shiraiva, Stanislav Konstantinova and Daria Panenkova have different "weight classes" – but only with the condition that Alina does not lose herself and does not do everything.

For the free program, the trainer staff has clearly done the maintenance work. "Carmen" Zagitova came out without shaking in her knees, which was the day before. Mandrazh probably remained, but this time the skilful skater cleverly hid him.

The triple lutz cascade – a triple rittberger, which was not short, turned out at this time, though there was an error when landing. Zagitova got good extra for all the other elements and the most fatty – for the mood that appeared. Alina won the race with a big profit, and another Russian woman – Stanislav Konstantinov, Darya Panenkova was in sixth place.

Evgenia Medvedeva

Evgenia Medvedeva

Photo: Eric Bolte / Reuters

Today Zagitova looks firmer than Medvedev. In Finland, he received a total of 215 points, while in Canada Eugene – only 197. Tutberidze as a whole contradicts the status of the ultimate hope of the Russian team, although it is obvious that it is difficult for him. "Driving does not matter if the car is not clean," said the figure skater and straightened the ribbon on his neck with the Helsinki gold medal. Just as no one understands you have to do it.

Medvedev slowly but surely restores the right to fight for victory. And an arbitrary program in Canada that turned out to be more than good is another proof for this. Not only the sport, but also personal anger, not only for yourself, the former coach or the circumstances of the past.

Medvedev is not the only one to incorporate the Zagitovo stick into the wheels this season. Alina should not be ignored Elizaveta Stallion, who is now riding very confidently. According to the technique, Aleksey Mishin's student is lower than the Olympic champion, but his nerves are clearly stronger. "Let Medvedev and Zagitova race while I ride" – he set his goal.

The country's strongest skaters are scattered around the world series, and in the confrontation, only the Russian championships will be able to meet. If an encounter occurs, the extent of the voltage on ice and beyond is unlikely to be measured. It will be a great Olympic deja vu.


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