Xiaomi Mi Band 4 impressed all customers


It's no secret that demand for wristbands grows every year. If only five such electronic devices were used five years ago, they are now sales hits. Chinese brands have made a big contribution to this by offering sports bracelets to a wide range of customers, reducing costs from $ 100 to $ 20, which is about five times. Already in 2019, the long-awaited new product will come to the market, followed by the follower of Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

It tells a lot of different features that should have a positive impact on its popularity among customers, as the innovation in all respects will be better than the model currently on the market. All customers are waiting for a larger 1-inch OLED display with color support, a tie with a secure buckle and perforations for a more confident arm attachment, plus a full protective glass for protecting the screen matrix against physical effect.

The main features of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 follower will be NFC chips to work with different payment systems and the possibility of creating an ECG. Currently, it's one of the few gadgets on the market with such an opportunity Apple Watch Series 4 smart watches, but they are too expensive, while the new sports bracelet will cost relatively little, that's about $ 30 (1,800 rubles). At this price, this tracker will of course be sold only in China, while in Russia and other countries it will be much higher.

Otherwise, the new fitness tracker will impress all customers with magnetic charge. You do not need to remove Xiaomi Mi Band 4 caps from the strap again. It's enough to simply remove the tracker from your hand, then attach it to the filling with magnetic correctors. It's much easier and more convenient. Although innovation will get so much innovation, it will still be able to withstand diving under water up to 50 meters, which means it can withstand pressures of up to 5 atmospheres. It is expected that this sports bracelet will be released in June 2019.

Previously, Xiaomi named all smartphones that were updated to the MIUI 11 firmware.

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