Friday , February 26 2021

World News: Saab Roadster's First Images Published

Russian independent designers introduced the installation of the new Saaba.

The publication has published images of Saab Roadster, developed by independent designer Nikita Chuiko. The basis of the novelty was the new BMW Z4, and the road-style style combined the features of the 9-5 and 9-4X models of the Swedish company. It should be noted that the result was very interesting.

In the pictures it can be noticed that the Saab Roadster features a characteristic curved windscreen with hidden columns, a trapezoidal mask and horizontal elongated headlights. Also, it is necessary to mention the car wheels, which are made in the style of the blades of jet engines.

Under the tension of such novelty, the manufacturer would be able to regulate the same engine range that is presented in the BMW Z4, such as the "refilled" line in the line. In the event of this project, the first six-cylinder Saab 6-wheel drive would be the first.

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