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April 13, 2019

Alexander Shcherbakov

I'm here
never had an iPhone, all the latest smartphones were on Android – Honor 8, LG
G2, Moto Droid Mini, SonyEricsson Xperia X8. The last smartphone suited me
all but battery life, which is severely degraded in two years. It's time
To buy a new phone, because of its diversity, I chose the iPhone XR.

During the passage
I waited for the new system to work differently and take a long time
getting used to everything, but in reality it turned out to be not that terrible. Most surprising
that when I switched Honor 8 to the iPhone XR, I did not notice a strong jump
performance – applications open at the same speed. Exception
It's just about games, but I really do not need them.

Requirements for
I have a simple smart phone – couriers, a browser, mail and sometimes social networks,
YouTube, music and podcasts. All modern smartphones are medium and high
the price segment is tackling this without problems, but there are a few things
which I do not like in iOS after comparing with Android.

Right away
I will clarify that this is a review of the system, not for the smartphone as a whole, because it is the theme for
a separate conversation. It is also important to note that I do not have a single device.
from the so-called Apple ecosystem, so iOS and Android are compared cleanly


IOS is great
slow animations – click on the icon and slowly begin to develop
in the application window. By default, this animation works much more on Android.
faster I understand that the animation hides the loading of the interface and the other
parts of the claim. But sometimes after opening the window is still burdened
display information or blank screen.

This problem
In the settings, you can turn off the animation, and then another appears
Problem – uncomfortable work with gestures. In iPhone X and later
The home button of smartphones is replaced by pulling from the bottom of the screen up. S
If you run a gesture, the application window is directly for your finger and users
see that it is scaled or opens a multitasking menu. If you disable it
animation, then it's not clear whether this move was working or not. And this is impossible
to understand which gesture was working – the Home button or the menu opens
multitasking. So you have to get used to a slow animation.

Still in iOS
I do not like scrolling. You can control the speed of Android in Android
pull it, and it works at about the same speed on the iPhone. If
The page is long, you need to move your finger over the screen several times
she began to move faster. This will have to be allowed.

Download files in the background

The iOS app transmits full-speed files only when it's open. Immediately after installing a smartphone, I installed the Google Play Music app and downloaded all the music from the playlist, and then I forgot it. A few hours later, I opened the application and saw that music did not even transfer half, but only 4 GB.

I noticed this when I wanted to test new Scrolls: Blades. The application did not upload background files, I had to open the window and wait for it to load everything. By the way, the game is so-so, do not waste your time.

Why Apple
I restricted the download of files in the background, I do not understand – maybe it's a consequence
saving or taking care of the stability of the interface. But why
then talk about the performance of Apple's mobile chips if the system restricts
so simple a task? A big question.


In general, the iOS keyboard works fine, especially I like the cursor control function when I hold the spacebar. But for some reason, Apple has made a tab with emotional symbols as a separate language, and when switching between Russian and English you need to navigate the tab with emoticons. This way you will have to get used to or remove emotional symbols in the keypad settings.


I have no complaints about the format of notifications in iOS, just gestures. You can open the notification card by clicking on it and drag to the right – this means that the function is doubled for an unknown reason. In Android, the notification can be brushed in any direction, so the iOS solution seems unusual, but not critical.

unfavorable stability of the notification. I'm used to being open
The telegram window on the computer and the message arrives, and then the phone
quiet. The transition to the iPhone has stopped working for me – even if I am
I read the message, the phone is still running. Besides, sometimes
notifications arrive late in a matter of seconds or even minutes.

It still happens
that notifications simply do not come and when I open the app, I see it in it
more messages. It just happened to me
with smartphones in Android. However, there is another problem – sometimes notice.
in love with the blind. This means that I delete it, but it will reappear in time,
and you need to delete it several times until it completely disappears.

App Store

Many iOS apps are better, and I will not argue with this. But the app store does not work the way it used to. The App Store's main claim concerns a search – if you make at least one error in entering the app's name, you will find nothing or show something completely different.

Me neither
I understand why every time I request a transfer from a user
apps in the app store, even for free. By default, the store requires an entry
iCloud password, but you can replace it with your face or fingerprint scan.
In normal life this is not particularly annoying, but when I set up a smartphone, I had to
ten times to confirm the download.


But it's definitely better to do Google on Google Android. I could later add a bonus card to any store by scanning the bar code. It's a bit more complicated in iOS. You can add the card to the Wallet app by clicking on a specific link, scanning the QR code, and using a special button in the app or on the store's website.

For example
To add the "Ribbons" tab, I had to download the app for storage from the app
Shop. But then you can delete the app store and keep the card in the wallet.
For the M.Video card, you need to go to the store website and find the "add to" button
Wallet in your account.

VKontakte is an even separate group in which users share
instructions for adding maps of different stores to the wallet. As an option
You can use another manufacturer's app, for example, "Wallet".

Bonus appeal

I do not have enough picture in Picture mode when the video can be reduced to a small window at the top of other applications. In Android, this is fine with small screens, and on iOS with large iPhones, XR and XS Max do not want to enter this way. It's useful for YouTube, but I do not watch it on the phone so often, it's very worrying.


For me
I did not notice the significant difference between iOS and Android. Something is done better
Something is worse and you just have to get used to some things. Maybe "iPhones"
Previously they worked perfectly and stable, but now it certainly does not hold. Phone
Sometimes it opens up applications for a long time and freezes, and there are errors – without it

But iOS, like Android, performs excellent work with basic tasks – messages, browser, calls, camera, etc. Problems can occur with some rare applications or more complex tasks, but this should be considered separately.

Instead of asking yourself which one is better, I suggest you comment on what you do not like on your smartphone, whether it's Android or iOS.


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