Thursday , August 5 2021

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The former participant of the television show Comedy Woman Natalia Medvedeva apologized for the Russian general Dmitry Karbyshev. She wrote about this in her Instagram.

The actress was grounded in the fact that she was written by others and approved by the producers of the channel. It was bound by a contract that obliges you to pronounce the text that you have received. In addition, Medvedev admitted that he had never heard of General Karbyshev and was therefore considered a fictional figure.

It's a sketch of Comedy 2013 women. "Quiet. Do you feel? It was running straight through the back, "said Yekaterina Barnabas. "This is a man from Mentos advertising respiration!" – the heroine Nadezhda Sysoeva answered. "No. This is the frozen spirit of General Karbyshev. He came after you and embraced me," concluded Medvedev.

On February 4, Nikita Mikhalkov, Comedy Woman, attended a joke about Karbyshev in the author's Besogon program.

On the night of February 18, 1945, a Soviet scientist, Lt. Gen. Dmitry Karbyshev, along with hundreds of other prisoners from the Mauthausen concentration camp, filled the water after the torture and died. In August 1946 Karbyshev was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union for exceptional resilience and courage in the Great Patriotic War.

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