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Sexual life will be "sweet"! Named the advantages of honey for power: Health: VladTime


In order to avoid cancer of the reproductive system, careful healing should be monitored, the doctors said.

As you know, happily married life is directly dependent on gender, which is related to the work of power. Unfortunately, about 40% of the male population of Russia has some deviations in the work of the reproductive system. However, doctors have done a study and found another product that will make sex a man's life a "sweetheart".

Thus, in the analysis of the obtained data, we named the use of beehive honey and the feather for the potency. It has been scientifically proven that proteins are indispensable for healthy intimate life and are part of beekeeping products and contribute to the normalization of blood flow and the flow of blood into the organs of the reproductive system. In addition, the honey contains glucose and fructose, which are responsible for the production of testosterone.

"Full work is a sign of health," experts said during the study. They also established a link between the psycho-emotional state of man and his sexual life. If there are problems in this area, they leave an impression on the physical condition, performance and quality of life in general. Men can develop diseases of the urinary tract, become overweight, diabetes, lack of vitamins and even cancer of the reproductive system.

Despite the mass of beneficial properties of honey, experts recommend that it not in pure form, but in combination with fruit, nuts and fresh juices. Walnuts are perfect, just like lemon or orange juice. It contains lutein, a substance that contains a level of testosterone in the blood, which will only benefit a person.

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