Semenovich falls on inspection due to Nachalova's death – URA.RU


Ex-soloist of "Brilliant" group took care of their healthAnna Semenovich, Instagram

The former singer of the group "Brilliant" Anna Semenovich intends to perform a medical examination due to the death of singer Yulia Nachalova. Singer Nikolai Baskov said about this in the show show Andrey Malakhov "Hello, Andrej!"

According to the singer, after the death of Nachalova Semenovich, he realized how great the burden is for contemporary artists. The singer decided to go to the hospital and perform a complete inspection by experts, reports Semenovich told Basku about his plans in a telephone conversation.

Julia Nachalova died on March 16 at 38. PR leader of the singer Anna Isaeva said that the cause of death was Nachal's blood poisoning, Nation News reports. During the shooting, the performer rubbed his leg, tried to heal the wound, and when she decided to seek medical help, it was too late.


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