Polina Gagarin was miraculously returned from Russia from China.


Popular Russian singer Polina Gagarin is almost in trouble in China. There he participates in a musical competition among professional singers "The Singer". In China, the Russian star flies once a week, then returns home. On her Instagram page, Gagarin told her fans how difficult and terrible was the way home to the Russian capital.

The singer said that she was only a miracle at home, and the adventures began with the fact that she and her crew bought tickets for the wrong train. For this reason, the group found itself at another station in the giant Guangzhou metropolis.

– We escaped to the other platform, landed with the second train was 8 minutes, then we ran to the cars that were waiting for us on the right station, then our driver drove on the opposite side and we covered our faces with fear, and then in 5 For a few minutes, they went to the airport. until the end of the registration, then we were asked with a wild scream to leave us through the queue to pass control of the passport, – was written by a singer.

However, this disaster is not yet over. Polina Gagarin admitted that she and her crew had to stand for landing, but at the door it turned out they had changed it, which made them need to run through the huge airport to the correct exit.

– When we reached it, everyone would look with frozen thoughts in the eyes of "we may not need this plane," then we decided from the impotence to fly and whatever it would be. Nobody spoke in the plane, we switched off. In these 3 days, we slept together for 5 hours, – he told the fans a 31-year-old singer.

Instagram @ gagara1987

Fans tried to support Polina Gagarin when they wrote that you should feel good so as not to endanger your health due to the overloaded schedule.

– Polina, take care of yourself, health is the most expensive, rest more. A very tired look. Have a good rest!

– Go crazy! Such cardiovascular surgery must not be repeated, beware of yourself !!!

– With the return, now you can take a breath, relax and enjoy, you are a boy! – they wrote fans.

Singer's music competition is similar to the Russian exhibition Voice, in which mentor Polina Gagarin was mentor. The project was invented in Korea, and it has been published in China since 2013 and is broadcast by one of the largest television channels in the Central Kingdom. There are eight stages in the creative competition: qualifications, knockouts, semi-finals, finals and gala concert.

Previously, this was reported in five channels Polina Gagarin showed a new image in the style of anime after she began to participate in Chinese music competition and taught Chinese language.


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