Saturday , March 6 2021

Mother explained the strange divorce Mary Poroshina :: Show business ::

The divorce of Maria Poroshina, which was unexpected and even strange to lovers, was expressed by her mother Natalya Krasnoyarskaya, an artist of the musical theater. A woman acknowledged that she wanted her a long time.

For fans, journalists and other interested public, the divorce of Maria Porosina and Ilya Drevnov became a sensation after 17 years of marriage. He added the piquancy of the situation and the fact that the actress filed a divorce, pregnancy and another man.

Mary's parents do not know who the father of her future fifth child is. Father Mihail Porosin has only recently learned about the heir's pregnancy (by the way, the 11th grandson will be for him too), and her mother, artist of the music theater Natalya Krasnoyarskaya, clearly showed that she was happy because of the divorce of Mary.

"For a long time I wanted this to happen. There are men raised by men, and those who stay the boys for the rest of their lives did not have any help. No one is building a house, but he did not want to, he said extra costs. I taught him to drill, "- said Mary Poroshina's mother in the program" You will not believe! "On the NTV.

Natalya Krasnoyarskaya spoke about the father's fifth child moderately. He does not know much about him. She knows she lives abroad. It is not a question of how Maria leaves Russia. It turns out that beloved Poroshina men can see their child from time to time.

Krasnoyarskaya said that despite the impressive period of pregnancy, the daughter continues to work a lot. And with children: 12-year-old Seraphim, eight-year-old Agrafen and two-year-old Glafir sit three nannies. It is worth mentioning that Maria is the mother whom the mother calls to the family. For example, she took the decision on how to appoint her daughters, and the opinion of someone else (and, according to Krasnoyarsk, Poroshin did not say hello to anyone) was ignored.

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