Monday , January 25 2021

MMO Legends of Aria will be released in early August. Reedus

Fantasy MMO "Legends of Aria", created under the influence of "Ultima Online", has some great potential for some gaming publications.

The original name of the game "Shards Online" has been changed to "Aria Legend". The world of games was also redesigned.

At first, it was assumed that the setup of a series of small worlds, called "fragments" that were linked by portals, but the developer Citadel Studios, decided that the fragments seemed too small. Instead, it was decided to create a large individual world of the game, with an emphasis on teaming players.

The early version of the Legends of Aria program will include a new line of Bard's skills, a "managed" profession system, as well as a fascinating armor and armor system that allows you to use multiple high-class items. The new rules will provide a more consistent PvP experience for people who want to play without fear of being robbed.

Not only have we added a new set of gaming skills and a whole system to improve armor and weaponry so that craftsmen in our community become even more important. Aryan's world is also becoming a more friendly place to live. We are excited about the fact that we have invested "Legends of Aria" on Steam through such hard work and love. We can not wait to join MMO players of all kinds on our trip, – was handed over by the Chairman of the Board Derek Brinkmann.

Legends of Aria also supports server-driven servers and modding: the game's web site states that "the game is designed to change from top to bottom, including custom game rules, content created by users, and even worlds created by users. "

The launch of the Aryan Legend about early access to steam is scheduled for August 6 and the project is supposed to stay there for 6-12 months. However, the developer says that the IMO will remain in the early access "until we feel that the game has no errors."

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