Malakhov on the separation of Alsou


Andrei Malakhov responded to the persistent rumors that Alsou is ready to leave with his husband, Yan Abram. TV host gave assurances to the fans that everything is fine in the family life of the singer.

According to Malakhov, a lot of unverified information has appeared on the Internet recently. Telegram channels reported that Alsou will be divorced that the actress and her spouse no longer live together, the couple owns and decides who the children will be left with. In this case, Alsou does not explain the situation.

As the portal reported, the star was no longer sharing photos with the selected one, but recently only added fuel to the fire by signing Instagram with Woody Allen's quote: the best feeling in the world … "In the meantime, the marriage of a singer is stronger than ever before.

"Alsou's family is all right, Yan Abramov, who comes home from work, brings a bunch of his favorite red roses every time with his wife," writes Andrei Malakhov for StarHit.

Photo: globallookpress © Nikolay Titov

Recall that the singer was married in 2006 with the son of the vice-president of the Moscow Basketball Federation Yan Abramov. During this time, the spouses of the daughters Safin and Mikel had their daughters, and in the summer of 2016, the long-expected son of Raphael appeared. Gossip, the singing hit "Winter Dream" does not want to comment, her secretary Nina Ponomareva replied to the gossip. Rumors about the Divorce Divorce Assistant are called fake.

On the eve of the successor, Alsou Mikella went to the final of the play "Voice. Children. The 10-year division of Svetlana Loboda, who spoke with the composition Take me to the church, with tears in my eyes, thanked the mentor and other participants who had to leave the project.


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