Last sms Eugene Osina: I seem to have written a hit


In the last months of his life, singer Yevgeny Osin barely moved around in his apartment in the center. Moscow. He practically did not come out of bed. The body could not withstand the long-term dependence on alcohol, the singer began to refuse his legs again.

However, until the last days Osin continued to write poems despite drunkenness and weakened body.

– Andryukha, this is Evgeny Osin again. I write songs from my last power, but not to order, but from the heart, – turned to my last SMS his friend and colleague, singer Andrew Kovalev, Evgeny Osin. The voice of the singers "braids." Apparently, at this moment, the artist was pleasantly drunk.

"I wrote you such a song to stop all your hits," Kovalyova Yevgeny asks Osin. – From these times we have the last great guitarist Vadik Vershinh. He's with him Gazmanov played in a group with Allo Pugachevain the groupMonte"Christo." She will play you solo! By the way, the musician came from Metallica to a concert at a nightclub. If he did not like the performance, I would turn around and leave. And he sat in two parts and drank beer, then Vadik put his shoulder on his shoulder and said: "I did not know this Russia there are cool guitarists there! "And this is Guitarist Vadik Vershinin You will play this solo completely for free, so you will not find enough!

This was the last conversation between Eugene Osin and his friend Andrei Kovaljev.

– Zhenya and I met more than 20 years ago. I did not sing yet. Together with Osin, we went to the "Miss Саратов"My friend gave us an airplane Natasha Sturm was with us. It's a wonderful time – Kovalev recalls – But then Zhenya has been seriously drunk. I remember Aspen had three exits on stage: at the first stage he was singing perfectly, On the other hand he was barely standing, and at the third stage he could not even sing when he came to the stage. When we returned to Moscow, we continued the communication. Aspen's family collapsed (his wife and daughter left the artist, tired of their drunkenness – Ed.), He asked for help, a shelter. When he broke off his wife, he left his house with his daughter, he was a decent man, I had a small apartment that was in my business centers. I had a smart bath in this apartment, Zhenya lived in this bathroom for two months. We became friends, but I saw that alcohol was even more attractive to me and at some point it became difficult to communicate with him. And suddenly, in the last time again in my life. Firstly with I tried to help him with treatment. Then the end of this summer, when he went with the basket, but he walked, he took a new video. Zhenya wrote me a video.

Evgeny Osin died

– What did he have with his leg?

– He and his hand were sick. And a leg. Of course it already fell. The body was so lonely that it no longer had power.

– And what a gifted man was! After all, the leader of the Bravo group was in front of Valery Syutkin. The first sang "Good evening, Moscow". And then a brilliant solo career hit. When he sent you the last video, was he the same Osin or already died out?

– No. Already in the face it was obvious that Zhenya was drinking heavily. Although in the last message SMS Osin promised to write me a hit. It seems that Zhenya repeats the fate of Boris Barkas, author Arlekin. I remember how we were with Aljo Pugachevo and bought Barkas new apartment, made a new passport. And he also called me, promised to write a hit. And then sudden death.

Three days ago, I reminded Aspen again, I thought it would be good if I had done a concert on the Sunflower. Yeah, of course, he had a different look, a lot changed. But I thought that the light was set correctly and it would be fine. But he did not call Zhenka. I'm going to suffer now.

Singer Yevgeny Osin died.He was 54 years old … We will remember him young and smiling. A guy whose songs cried millions of girls in the country.


Friends of Aspen: In recent months, the singer was taken out of the porch on the chair, he did not go.

The hit song "Crying girl in the machine" has been suffering alcoholism for years. As a result, the singer lost his family: his wife and daughter escaped from him. Last year, Aspen tried to save Andrew Andrew. Malakhovby sending the artist first to the treatment of a narcologist, and then to rehabilitation in Ljubljana Thailand. Sorry, Osin, and from here he escaped and presented a complicated schedule (details).


Natalia Sturm on the death of Aspen: "Last year I said Zhenya would die because of alcoholism!"

The news of the sudden death of 54-year-old Yevgeny Osina was very agitated, and his long-time girlfriend and colleague Natalia Sturm did not surprise her. Last year, the actress persuaded the star of the 1990s to stop alcohol, but, unfortunately, the artist of Crying Girl in the Machine did not want to listen to friends, she was rejected, saying: I am not an alcoholic (details).


Yevgeny Osin started drinking too much because of big commissions.

With the bottle we are preparing, Evgeny Osin can be found more often than with a guitar. Unfortunately, after returning from Thailand, where the musician has been addicted to alcohol for many years, Osin again took the old (details).


"His hand started to rot, his feet were rejected": Dana Borisova told about the state of health of Aspen

After the rehabilitation in Thailand, singer Yevgeny Osin seemed to finally start a sober life. However, the star of the nineties began to observe in supermarkets with a full shopping bag of alcohol. Lately, the singer visited TV host Dana Borisov (details).


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