Jano Ananidze saved the life of the Swiss conglomerate Schöhra, a photo


Jano Ananidze saved the life of the Swiss team

Photo: football.ch

Ananidze did not save Georgia from defeat. He saved a man's life

The media admire the concentration of the linking player Krylya Sovetov.


On Saturday, in Tbilisi, the Swiss team with the result of 2: 0 beat the Georgian team within the qualifications of Euro 2020. t At first glance, it is a day-to-day event: the favorite confirmed his favorite status when he scored three points. In the second half of the year Stephen Zuber in Denis Zakaria the ball dropped into the goal George Loria, which ensures the guest a win. But the most resonant episode of the meeting happened before the break. The second day is talking on social networks.

At 24 minutes, the visitors got left to the corner. Ricardo Rodriguez done, and Fabian Shure z Jemal Tabidze in the fight against riding they faced their heads. Both immediately fell to the lawn and two medical teams immediately rushed to the court.

As it turned out, Sh Shr began to descend and get first aid Jano Ananidze. The conjunction of the "wing of the Soviets" reiterated the achievement of his compatriot Jaby Kankavawho in his time also saved the life of the Ukrainian Oleg Gusev.

"It looked terrible, I can not remember anything. I shut off for a few seconds, the pain still hurts. I also feel pain in my neck, my forehead hurts, "says Schør The Blick.

Fortunately, there were no serious consequences. After the medical treatment, both players managed to continue the game, Tabidze – turned her head. Jano Media recognized the main role of the game – for nothing that Georgia lost. In the background of human life there are such small things …


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