Glejhengauz called unexpectedly Medvedev's medal at the World Cup


MOSCOW, March 24 – RIA Novosti. Choreographer Eterie Tutberidze, Daniel Glihenghauz, summed up the results of the Japan World Figure Skating Championships.

16-year-old Russian skater Alina Zagitova, trained in Tutberidze group, became the world champion in women's singles competitions. The second was the second warden of the 45-year-old trainer Elizabeth Tursynbayev. Bronze was awarded to Yevgeny Medvedev, who from 2007 to 2018 also trained under Tutberidze.

Glihengauz noted that for him became a surprise Medvedev's performance at the tournament.

He also told me how difficult the season was for Zagitova, who was able to overcome all the difficulties.

"The fight with itself, with the circumstances, was changing throughout the season, there was already a fear of the competition, preparing for this championship of the world was extremely difficult, and it was precisely what went out and just brilliantly rolled two of their programs, winning the only missing gold medal in figure skating, "- said Glejhengauz.


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