Germany – Russia – 3: 0. The Russian team will start in 2019


Stanislav Cherchesov

Anton Mihashenok
Anton Mihashenok

Photo: RIA news

The main result for the Russian national team: we have a team, but sometimes this is not enough

For the Leipzig match, a team of Stanislav Cherches was needed.


The game against Germany happened very timely. First, we have a really bad rival, which is rare for friendly matches. The Germans first of all had the first national team crisis, and the game in Leipzig was the first step in rehabilitation. He became; team Cherchesova complete anesthesia occurred in the weakened composition.

The weakened structure – the second moment. We all nearly represented our base and without it some players were interesting to evaluate the forces against the background of a strong and motivated opponent. Compare yesterday's team with the basis for the match with Croatia at the World Cup: Akinfeev finished career in the national team, Samedov – Finished Ignashevich finished with football – this is already a third of the list. Due to damage no Fernandez, Dziuba, Cherysheva in Golovinaand we must be aware that they will not always be able to enter the field. Accordingly, the World Cup's inheritance is not so much in terms of composition – in each match we can not count on the third or half of this team.

The game you want to admire our team once again

Finally, we have to understand what an incredible effort our team was worth at the World Cup in 2018. Many injuries are not a coincidence.

Kuzyaev was the only player to come out at the start and then to Croatia, and now to Germany. Sole! And at the same time in Leipzig, they also reviewed all the gaming experiences that the coach staff of the national team used in the summer and early autumn. This shows that we have a team. Yes, the result may depend on the presence of certain players (for example, without Fernandez, there was no asymmetric active right boxing), but football is clear to everyone in the national team. We can start with this.

But sometimes only the team is not enough, and here are the third and fourth moments, why the meeting with Germany is right now. Cherches initially started the potentially strongest individual in the team – Alexey Miranchuk, and with whom would you compare it? The only problem is that Miranchuk could not support the comparison. Not with Zanenor with Gnbrynor with Brandtnor more with this Haverzwho at the age of 19 showed an appetite how to do it in the attack. A sad comparison of "our" to "their" would have brought us back to the ground in 2019: despite the excellent results at the World Cup, the main and practically the only thing we have is team work. We look gray individually.

Hush, enemies! 0: 3 from Germany – it's even good

Egorov from Leipzig – yes, although we have fallen to our knees before the Germans, we still have a great team. Even with Ari.

And the fourth moment is motivation. As soon as he swoops, the Russian team gets some powerful beats in the beard. At the Uruguay World Cup we came to a well-organized team with excellent players who are stronger and who lived in this game than in the space of Egypt – we all remember the results. Leipzig looked at teamwork, it was sometimes nice to watch the game, but the team's motivation was drunk at the bottom, because everything looked mechanical and ruthless, especially in the first half of the year. After such a stormy year, such a 90-minute peace time can be explained, but it became clear again: with well-organized groups with strong performers, it would be difficult and even more difficult for it without having any excessive motivation, because now we are they seem to fit the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

The latest emotional and physical strength must be combined for a significant match with Sweden. 0: 3 from the Germans in this regard – an excellent and perhaps the only way to find the anger and sincerity of the Russian team.


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